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Introducing CCW 705 Rain Screen – October 2019

Rain Screen wall systems are being specified more regularly because they help control moisture in exterior walls, reducing potential for water damage. Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing has introduced CCW 705 RS – a robust, UV resistant engineered cladding designed for use as a blackout membrane behind open-joint rain screen claddings. CCW 705 RS also protects the insulation in a rain screen system from rain water and wind washing. 705 RS is mechanically attached and neighboring pieces are shingle lapped.

Features & Benefits:

  • Imprint maintains black backdrop look, while facilitating product identification and proper installation. Imprint is not apparent once rain screen cladding is installed.
  • Contributes to functionality and durability of rain screen wall assemblies.
  • No weather restrictions for installation.
  • Highly Vapor – Permeable, allowing underlying materials to dry through.
  • Fire tested and can be used in many NFPA 285 wall assemblies.

If you have any questions about the benefits of CCW 705 RS or would like to set up a presentation/Lunch & Learn, please contact your Luna & Associates Representative.

Access Your Spec Toolkit – Monthly Mailer July 2019

Carlisle has provided architects and specifiers with specification, details, and design tools since the introduction of EPDM roof membranes more than 50 years ago. Since then, Carlisle has evolved into a leading single-ply roofing company that manufactures: TPO, PVC, and KEE HP membranes, Polyiso and EPS insulation, and air/vapor barriers. Many of Carlisle’s products meet or exceed the sustainability criteria for LEED, IgCC, and California’s Title 24.

Stay up-to-date on Carlisle’s single-ply product portfolio by visiting the architect and specifier web page:

Here’s what Carlisle’s site has to offer:

  • External Spec Tools: Arcat, SpekLink, Masterspec
  • Carlisle Spec Tools: CSI Speds, Guide Specs, Form Specs, NVELOP Specs
  • Helpful Proprietary Tools: ASCE 7, LEED Letter Generator, Chemical Compatibility Letter and Carlisle Decoder

The web site also offers a Live Chat feature that is now available!

If you have any questions about accessing your spec toolkit and how it can be incorporated into your business, please contact your Luna & Associates Representative.

NFPA 285 App by Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing – June 2016

The CCW NFPA 285 animation app on the Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing website has been developed to help design professionals offer wall assemblies options that comply with the NFPA 285 test.

Combined with extensive product testing and design, this guide can help a designer choose from over 2,000 possible NFPA approved wall assemblies.

After working through the interactive animation portion of the app, the resulting file can be saved and used in a specification to build NFPA compliant wall assemblies, while utilizing CCW R2+ wall insulation products.

Check it out here.

As always, if you have any questions or you would like to discuss a project where Carlisle Syntec Or Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing may help determine your specification approach, please contact your local Luna & Associates Representative to discuss in further detail.

Carlisle’s Perfection Award

Joe Lauberth, with Roofing Services & Solutions (RSS) of St. Louis, Missouri received Carlisle's Perfection Award from Greg Luna, President of Luna and Associates.

Joe Lauberth, with Roofing Services & Solutions (RSS) of St. Louis, Missouri received Carlisle’s Perfection Award from Greg Luna, President of Luna and Associates.

Each year, the Perfection Award will recognize those roofers whose exceptional installation quality results in a warranty claim performance that ranks in the top 5% of all US and Canadian applicators.


Luna & Associates of Kansas City has recently been named the sales representative for the Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing line in western Missouri and Kansas.

The CCW line includes below grade and between slab waterproofing, air and vapor barrier (AVB) products for walls and R2+ Wall Insulation.

As we promote these products to the architectural and owner communities, one of our pushes is going to be promoting the single source envelope concept as Carlisle is one of a very few manufacturers who cannot only offer all the products needed to complete the sealing of the envelope; but, also has developed details that show very clearly how to tie roofs to air and vapor barriers and AVB to below-grade waterproofing.

We have found on a number of recent projects that the architect was keenly aware of the need and importance to create these detail tie ins; but, had little background in how to do this effectively. We have found that leaving this in the hands of the contractors as the building was going up, is a potentially poor and dangerous option for all parties involved. So we simply wanted to make you aware that we have some resources to assist you in the event you were put into this position.

Some of you are also either already involved in Air and Vapor Barrier installations or have partnered with other companies to provide a package for the envelope. If that is the case, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you what the CCW/Syntec system is all about and would welcome the chance to do a presentation for you on the Carlisle Nvelop System.

If there is an interest in this, please contact Denise Shibley at 816-872-8863.

Specifier Monthly Newsletter, June 2015: Carlisle Contour Rib

Carlisle Contour Rib: Provides the appearance of a Standing Seam Metal Roofing with the Performance of Carlisle Fleeceback TPO or PVC.

The Carlisle Contour Rib is an innovative product that combines the advantages of a single-ply system with the aesthetic appeal of a standing seam metal roof. To achieve this look, the Contour Rib is hot-air welded in a parallel pattern to the exposed surface of Fleeceback TPO or Fleeceback PVC membrane to simulate a standing seam metal roofing system.

The Contour Rib measures 1-1/4” tall and 2-1/8” wide, including the welding flanges, while the vertical profile is 3/8” thick. The rectangular rib profile design provides exceptional shadow lines for aesthetic appeal. The Contour Rib is available in 10’ lengths and dimensionally stabilized and strengthened by a fiberglass reinforcing cord that runs the length of each section. Contour Rib sections are joined together by a non-corroding fiberglass connecting pin, ensuring continuity and compatibility throughout the application.

The Contour Rib is extruded from the same weather-resistant compounds as their associated Carlisle TPO or PVC membranes, ensuring comparable weathering characteristics and an excellent color match. Colors available include white, gray, or tan.

pic1 pic2

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your local Carlisle Rep to discuss in further detail.