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In the 1960s, Carlisle SynTec Systems pioneered the single-ply roofing industry with the introduction of its Sure-Seal® EPDM membrane. Since that time, Carlisle has been recognized as the trusted provider of the most dependable and longest-lasting single-ply roof systems on the market. Today, Carlisle’s product offering has expanded to include Sure-Weld® TPO, Sure-Flex™ PVC, and FleeceBACK® membranes, as well as a full line of complementing accessories. And while the company’s primary focus is on producing innovative and leading-edge, commercial, low-slope roofing membranes and accessories, Carlisle also provides insulation, metal roofing, coatings, skylights, pavers, and edge metal.

Carlisle also makes its own adhesives, primers, and membrane cleaners and is a leader in vegetative, or Roof Garden systems. Carlisle’s signature products have been installed on a wide range of buildings around the world, including schools, hospitals, warehouses, and cold-storage facilities. With more than 15 billion square feet of roofing materials sold and installed, Carlisle continues to lead the industry by providing its valued customers with innovative products, services, and warranty options. Whatever your roofing needs, Carlisle has a system – and an answer – for you. Since the earliest recorded Roof Gardens in Mesopotamia around 600 B.C., vegetated roofs have been an architectural staple of civilization. While they have changed in appearance and function, Roof Gardens have served to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and its surrounding area along with a variety of other benefits.

Carlisle’s Roof Garden systems provide building owners, architects and applicators several options.

Features and Benefits

  • Aids in stormwater management
  • Air and water purification
  • Sound insulation
  • Greatly extend roof life expectancy
  • Adds aesthetic value
  • Helps reduce urban heat-island effect
  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Options for full vegetative coverage on day of installation
  • Single-source warranty including overburden removal

Check out this story on KSN out of Joplin, MO to take a look at a one of our recent projects, a garden roof that we installed on the Joplin, MO Salvation Army.

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Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a single-ply, rubber roofing membrane used in commercial roofing applications. These membranes offer very unique performance and economic benefits because they can be applied fully adhered, mechanically fastened, and ballasted. Plus, they are available in both black and white, making them applicable in many capacities. Due to their versatility and efficiency, EPDM materials have garnered a well-respected reputation in the field for over a half century.

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Fleece is used as a vehicle for adhesive attachment as well as membrane reinforcement. It is extremely resistant to puncture, tear, hail, and wind damage, and can be utilized in roofing systems known for energy efficiency, sustainability, and long-term performance. These products can be installed in two-component urethane or asphalt, as well as a fully-adhered system with zero to low VOC. Moreover, they may also be utilized in mechanically fastened systems, garden roof assemblies, or in conjunction with ballast pavers. These products have proven to be high-performing in most demanding roofing scenarios for more than 20 years. Carlisle offers a polyester fleece product called SureSeal Fleeceback that attaches to EPDM and is available in black or white. For TPO, we offer a product called SureWeld Fleeceback (available in white, grey, and tan). Additionally, Carlisle provides PVC products called SureFlex FleeceBack, which can also be purchased in white, grey, or tan.

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SureWeld TPO

Carlisle has been at the forefront of TPO development for more than 15 years and continues to lead the industry with the implementation of its high-performance OctaGuard XT weathering package that incorporated into SureWeld membrane and accessories. OctaGuard XT weathering package technology is comprised of eight performance enhancing ingredients, including three heat stabilizers as well as organic and inorganic UV absorbers. When combined, these eight ingredients provide a weathering package second to none in the TPO industry.

Check out the Thermoplastics video:

SureFlex PVC

For half a century, Carlisle has continuously pushed the envelope to create products that are easier to install while simultaneously improving rooftop performance. This emphasis on continuous improvement has led to a number of breakthroughs that are now recognized as industry standards, including factory applied seam tape on EPDM membranes and fleece-backed EPDM, TPO and PVC membranes for improved puncture resistance. Carlisle has taken this same proactive approach with its Sure-Flex PVC product line, offering one of the industry’s broadest range of products for virtually any low-slope roofing application. Our commitment to the PVC roofing industry is evident in our breadth of product, which includes:

  • 10-foot-wide membranes for fewer seams
  • FleeceBACK® membranes for increased puncture resistance
  • KEE-enhanced membranes for increased chemical resistance
  • Polyester and fiberglass-reinforced membranes for proper mechanically attached and fully adhered applications

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Metal-Era was founded as a small manufacturing plant in Waukesha, Wis., in 1980. By the late 1980s, they had already grown enough to move into a 44,000-square-foot facility.

Metal-Era’s business has continued to grow rapidly, by introducing new brands like the contractor-friendly Edge Systems One and expanding into new areas like ventilation with their innovative Airflow Solutions products. To accommodate that growth, they’ve continued to expand their manufacturing, warehouse and administrative space, and Metal-Era now occupies more than 100,000 square feet.

In 2008, they introduced robotics into our manufacturing process to increase productivity and consistency and improve lead times. Their first robot was used for spring clip automation, and this process was such a success that they added more robots. They now have additional robots focused on notching, acute forming and clip finishing. The use of robotics has enabled them to standardize their products and dramatically improve efficiencies. This means high performance products that are quick to ship.

Carlisle Roof Insulation

Carlisle manufactures an extensive variety of commercial insulation products that provide increased thermal performance and energy efficiency, including Polyisocyanurate insulation and block-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS). These products can be used across the entire building envelope – from the foundation to the roof and everywhere in between. Exterior insulation is one of most economical means of creating an energy efficient building.

Some of the many types of insulation that can be provided by Carlisle is wide variety of Polyisocyanurate, which is a rigid-roof insulation panel composed of a closed-cell Polyisocyanurate foam core bonded on each side to fiber-reinforced paper facers. Polyisocyanurate is available in varying thicknesses in 4’ X 4’ or 4’ X 8’ sheets, as well as tapered insulation to provide better drainage on roof area prone to ponding conditions.

Carlisle’s SecurShield HD Polyiso Insulation is a rigid roof insulation panel composed of a high-density, closed-cell Polyisocyanurate foam core laminated to a premium-performance, coated glass fiber-mat facer. Suitable for both re-roofing and new construction applications, SecurShield HD is specifically designed for use as a cover board over a variety of substrates. SecurShield HD delivers an R-value of 2.5, which is significantly higher than roof cover boards made with other materials such as wood fiber or gypsum.

Expanded Polystyrene is a rigid polystyrene insulation board, Carlisle Sure-Seal EPS delivers an excellent insulation value. It is available in straight and tapered configurations plus as a composite form with HP Recovery Board or SecureShield HD Cover Board. It is a proven performer as an insulation board under Carlisle Design B Ballasted System or as an insulating or tapered underlayment to HP Recovery Board or Polyisocyanurate HP for use in Carlisle Design A Fully-Adhered and Mechanically-Fastened Roofing Systems. Specifications require a minimum density of 0.9 pounds per cubic foot, with higher densities available upon request. Carlisle’s Sure-Seal EPS conforms to the physical property requirements of ASTM C578-85 Type I. The product has UL approval under Roofing Systems Category (TGFU) and FM approval under the 4450/4470 Standard.

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York Flashings

Luna & Associates is proud to announce our new partnership with York Manufacturing in our East and North territories. This relationship will allow us to provide our contractors with stainless steel and copper flashing solutions for masonry details and tie-in issues of incompatible materials they face on a daily basis. Please contact us to find out more about these solutions and visit the York Manufacturing website for more technical information on these offerings.

Insulfoam Insulation