Jim Taylor, Inc. Receives Carlisle’s Perfection Award

Congratulations to Jim Taylor, Inc. from Belleville, Illinois for receiving Carlisle’s Perfection Award!! Carlisle maintains detailed records of every Authorized Applicators’ warranty claims history. Each year, the Perfection Award recognizes those roofers whose exceptional installation quality results in a warranty claim performance that ranks in the top 5% of all US and Canadian applicators. Thanks for being such great friends…

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Protect Your Exposes Masonry and Concrete Surfaces with ISO-FLEX 618-100 Corrosion Reducing Sealer – November 2019

Water management is an important part of property maintenance. When concrete and/or masonry assemblies are experiencing water penetration, moisture management can be a cost effective solution by treating these substrates with a 100% solid silane sealer. Iso-Flex 618-100 Corrosion Reducing Sealers (CRS) is a clear, penetrating, breathable, 100% blended silane sealer. The design of this system ensures that the protection…

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Introducing CCW 705 Rain Screen – October 2019

Rain Screen wall systems are being specified more regularly because they help control moisture in exterior walls, reducing potential for water damage. Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing has introduced CCW 705 RS – a robust, UV resistant engineered cladding designed for use as a blackout membrane behind open-joint rain screen claddings. CCW 705 RS also protects the insulation in a rain…

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Adding Metal Edge to Carlisle Syntec Roof Specification – September 2019

Adding pre-fabricated roof edge metal to a Carlisle Syntec single ply roof specification has several advantages, the first being the metal is in the “Edge to Edge” Golden Seal Total Roof System warranty. Metal that is pre-fabricated is uniform and has been tested to meet code. Pre-fabricated metal enhances workmanship and offers up to a 35-year paint finish warranty. The…

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Carlisle Sure-Weld TPO: Special Color Membranes – August 2019

When your project requires more aesthetic appeal than what standard color TPO membranes can provide- look no further than Carlisle Special Color TPO! Turn your roof into a canvas with 5 Special Color 60 MIL TPO membrane options. Color matching accessories include detail membrane, TPO coated metal, Contour Ribs to provide the appearance of a standing seam roof installation, as…

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Access Your Spec Toolkit – Monthly Mailer July 2019

Carlisle has provided architects and specifiers with specification, details, and design tools since the introduction of EPDM roof membranes more than 50 years ago. Since then, Carlisle has evolved into a leading single-ply roofing company that manufactures: TPO, PVC, and KEE HP membranes, Polyiso and EPS insulation, and air/vapor barriers. Many of Carlisle’s products meet or exceed the sustainability criteria…

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EPDM, TPO and PVC Roofing Systems Training

Another great day of training for our new Commercial Roofing Professionals! Thanks to Chad Blazitz with Carlisle SynTec Systems for training on EPDM, TPO and PVC roofing systems! [foogallery id=”2246″]

Luna and Associates, CARLISLE EcoStorm VSH Coverboard – Monthly Mailer June 2019

Carlisle SynTec Systems is pleased to introduce EcoStorm VSH® Cover Board. This product is an engineered composite building material made from a proprietary blend of plastic and cellulose fiber, which is sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams. EcoStorm VSH is a durable, extremely moisture- and mold-resistant material with a core that does not disintegrate or delaminate in the presence…

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Western Specialty Contractors Award

Thom Belgeri with Western Specialty Contractors was presented with a plaque today for the outstanding workmanship, commitment, and dedication for the Washington University Danforth Campus Expansion Project! A special thanks to Shawn West with Western for being on the job every day and being an integral part of a successful waterproofing job! [foogallery id=”2220″]

Luna and Associates, Flash-Vent By York Flashings

The spring weather is revealing the havoc winter has done to walls. The harsh freeze-thaw cycles of the Midwest has once again shown how critical the ability to weep moisture is to the life span of a wall system. The cost of tuck pointing or repairing thru wall flashings costs over 10 times the cost of the original installation. Proper…

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