Metal Era Inc. buys OMG Metal Division and will call it Hickman Edge Systems – April 2021

In February, Metal Era, Inc. based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, finalized the purchase of the OMG Metal Division based in Ashville, North Carolina, and have rebranded under the name Hickman Edge Systems. Metal Era had been looking to have a manufacturing site in the southeast US and making this deal will certainly accomplish that goal. Metal Era will run these two operations as separate divisions and while Luna & Associates represents the Metal Era brand in our Luna West and Luna North areas that cover western Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska, the Luna East team has finalized a rep agreement with Hickman Edge Systems for eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

Metal Era has advised us they are in the process of investing in new computerized equipment for the Ashville plant and said their plans over the next few months will be to do the following items:

  • Standardize the product lines at both facilities
  • Offer 12’ long pieces out of both facilities-Hickman had made 10’ long pieces previously
  • Offer both product line offerings out of each facility thus saving freight costs to us in the Midwest

We are excited about this opportunity and the fact that they have brought back the Hickman name and believe this will help us push the ANSI/SPRI ES1 code even better.

If you have questions, please contact your local Luna representative.