Luna & Associates of Kansas City has recently been named the sales representative for the Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing line in western Missouri and Kansas.

The CCW line includes below grade and between slab waterproofing, air and vapor barrier (AVB) products for walls and R2+ Wall Insulation.

As we promote these products to the architectural and owner communities, one of our pushes is going to be promoting the single source envelope concept as Carlisle is one of a very few manufacturers who cannot only offer all the products needed to complete the sealing of the envelope; but, also has developed details that show very clearly how to tie roofs to air and vapor barriers and AVB to below-grade waterproofing.

We have found on a number of recent projects that the architect was keenly aware of the need and importance to create these detail tie ins; but, had little background in how to do this effectively. We have found that leaving this in the hands of the contractors as the building was going up, is a potentially poor and dangerous option for all parties involved. So we simply wanted to make you aware that we have some resources to assist you in the event you were put into this position.

Some of you are also either already involved in Air and Vapor Barrier installations or have partnered with other companies to provide a package for the envelope. If that is the case, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you what the CCW/Syntec system is all about and would welcome the chance to do a presentation for you on the Carlisle Nvelop System.

If there is an interest in this, please contact Denise Shibley at 816-872-8863.