Specifier Monthly Newsletter, June 2015: Carlisle Contour Rib

Carlisle Contour Rib: Provides the appearance of a Standing Seam Metal Roofing with the Performance of Carlisle Fleeceback TPO or PVC.

The Carlisle Contour Rib is an innovative product that combines the advantages of a single-ply system with the aesthetic appeal of a standing seam metal roof. To achieve this look, the Contour Rib is hot-air welded in a parallel pattern to the exposed surface of Fleeceback TPO or Fleeceback PVC membrane to simulate a standing seam metal roofing system.

The Contour Rib measures 1-1/4” tall and 2-1/8” wide, including the welding flanges, while the vertical profile is 3/8” thick. The rectangular rib profile design provides exceptional shadow lines for aesthetic appeal. The Contour Rib is available in 10’ lengths and dimensionally stabilized and strengthened by a fiberglass reinforcing cord that runs the length of each section. Contour Rib sections are joined together by a non-corroding fiberglass connecting pin, ensuring continuity and compatibility throughout the application.

The Contour Rib is extruded from the same weather-resistant compounds as their associated Carlisle TPO or PVC membranes, ensuring comparable weathering characteristics and an excellent color match. Colors available include white, gray, or tan.

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As always, if you have any questions, please contact your local Carlisle Rep to discuss in further detail.