To prime or not to prime, That is the question – September 2016

There seems to be more questions that arise about primers used with peel and stick material for below-grade waterproofing and air and vapor barriers. Should you prime or is it really necessary?

No matter the experience of the manufacture, the sub-contractor, or the general contractor, priming the surface can be a critical step to a successful application.

The better the contact with the substrate, the better the peel and stick product will perform. In some cases, a surface does not require priming and the product can be adhered directly, but any surface containing dust, debris, or dirt will compromise the bond. If you have ever been on a new construction project, you know that these job sites are not free from dust, debris or dirt.

If you are being asked for a substitution request where the primer is eliminated, you might want to ask if this is really an equal product or installation.

As always, if you have any questions or you would like to discuss a project where Carlisle Syntec Or Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing may help determine your specification approach, please contact your local Luna & Associates Representative to discuss in further detail.