ANSI/SPRI ES1 Testing – August 2016

ANSI/SPRI ES1 testing for perimeter metal fascias and copings have been a part of the IBC building code for quite some time.

On May 26, 2016, a similar approval has been done for gutter systems called ANSI/SPRI GT1. This testing is done to confirm the perimeter metal’s capability to perform in wind and pressure conditions that can occur based upon the building height and location. Failure of perimeter edge products has been the cause of roof-related wind failures in a large percentage of the time that wind failures occur.

Attached is the new test standard for gutters which include the test methods GT 1 Horizontal test, GT2 Vertical Test and GT3 Water Ice and Snow Load Test. These include the procedures used for each test method. Full- length sections of gutter up to maximum 12’ are tested and modes of failure include full fastener pull out, collapse of a gutter bracket or gutter strap and disengagement of any component of the gutter system.

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