Detec Leak Detection Systems – May 2020

Leak detection systems have been used for decades in the roofing and waterproofing industries. The technolgy typically uses a wire mesh, probes and electric current to locate breaches in the membrane. Limitations of this technology are that it is most often placed under the top layer of insulation instead of directly under the roof or waterproofing system. This means a larger area would need to be saturated before it could be detected. Another drawback is that these systems do not function with EPDM membranes, which represent a large portion of the roofing market.

Detec Systems has developed a conductive primer called TruGround Conductive Primer that can be used directly under the roofing/waterproofing layer. This primer is roller applied on the top layer of insulation and allowed to dry. For adhered systems, CAV-Grip III adhesive for EPDM and TPO is applied or Low VOC Bonding Adhesive for PVC membrane. The membrane is then adhered in typical fashion. Carlisle SynTec, in partnership with Detec, has done extensive testing with FM and UL to get approvals in their rated systems and also includes it in their Total System Warranty.

Key Properties:

  • Used in Adhered and Mechanically Attached systems
  • Approved for EPDM, TPO, PVC, FleeceBACK and modified systems
  • Patented Detec sensors can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Highly mobile nature of sensor equipment makes the inspection process very quick. Allows for inspections to be conducted at various phases during new construction projects and as a final approval before release to the building owner.
  • Inspections can be conducted at prescribed intervals or after significant weather events at any point in the life of the system.
  • Carlisle SynTec FM Approvals with Insulbase Polyiso, Securshield Polyiso, HD Polyiso, Securock and DensDeck Prime (Check for specific assembly)
  • Detec offers traditional wire mesh systems and active monitoring to alert owner the second moisture is sensed in the system.

If you have any questions about Detec or TruGround and how they can be incorporated into your next roofing or waterproofing system, please contact your Luna & Associates Representative.