Eliminailer by Metal-Era, June 2018 Monthly Mailer

Wood nailers have been used along roof edges to provide a solid anchor for the edge metal or coping system of commercial buildings for decades. Over that time large advancements to improve performance have been made to every other aspect of commercial roofing, but virtually nothing has been improved with this one product that serves as the anchor for the roofing system. This one area represents less than 1% of the total building cost, but serves as the first line of defense against a roof blow off, which could be a catastrophic loss to the assests inside the building.

Eliminailer from Metal Era is a heavy-duty, extruded aluminum product designed to replace wood nailers in roof edge applications. The top of this L-shaped extrusion, sits on top of the insulation and then extendeds down the exterior face to provide a solid, straight or radius anchor point for the metal edging/coping to be secured. This provides several benefits to the building.

  • Insulation can extend to the roof edge which meets code required continuous insulation requirments.
  • Improves thermal efficiency.
  • Never cracks, warps, rots or splits due to moisture infiltration.
  • Is prepunched with holes to insure proper amount of fasteners are used.
  • Meets FM Global 1-49 requirements.
  • Is made of 50% recyclcled material and is reusable.
  • Is less expensive than two layers of typical wood nailer.
  • Comes with Metal Era 215 mph warranty or possibly can be included in membrane system warranty.

If you have any questions about Eliminailer and how it can be incorporated into your next roofing system, please contact your local Carlisle rep.

A You Tube Video is also available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN59Flsu-4s