Building Envelope – The Devil’s in the Details

As we begin to wind down another year, we realize with every job-site visit that our emphasis, as an industry, is growing on Building Envelope. Carlisle Construction Materials utilizes their key Design and Review Professionals in their roofing, belowgrade waterproofing, and wall assemblies to assist our Specifier Professionals with proper tie-in details to be used before and during construction. Details from roof-to-wall, wall to below-grade waterproofing, window openings, and any pipe or other penetrations are essential to specify and construct professionally.
The Building Envelope is the physical separator between the inside conditioned building, and the outside unconditioned space.

There are three basic elements; weather barrier, air barrier and thermal barrier. These three elements need to work together to provide a comfortable and efficient building. In addition, these products need to be compatible to work effectively.

The real ‘trick’, is to translate those specifications and tie-in details to the job site. With all the different trades involved to construct a successful building, communication between the design professional, the general contractor, sub-contractors and your manufacturer’s rep are essential.

If you would like more information on Building Envelope, or an AIA presentation at your office, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Carlisle representatives.