Carlisle SynTec Systems Introduces SecurEdge™2000 Standard and HG Butyl Strip Fascia

Carlisle SynTec Systems is pleased to introduce SecurEdge 2000 Standard and High Gauge (HG) Butyl Strip Fascia. This innovative metal edge system includes a factory-applied butyl strip on the extruded aluminum anchor bar, eliminating the need for Water Cut-Off Mastic. Applicators can cut their installation time in half and eliminate the mess of Water Cut-Off Mastic with this industry-leading edge…

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Carlisle Construction Materials High Performance, Rapid-Install Wall Assembly – December 2020

The below wall assembly is a long term and high-performance consists of: steel studs (as shown), CMU or concrete sub-wall CCW R2+ Plus Nail Base insulation (continuous out board of steel studs) CCW Barrithane VP vapor permeable STPE air barrier or CCW705VP vapor permeable sheet Drexel corrugated metal siding (as shown), flush panels, CCM composite panels etc. as provide by…

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Carlisle SynTec Introduces CAV-GRIP PVC – November 2020

Carlisle SynTec Systems is excited to introduce CAV-GRIP PVC Low VOC Adhesive, a revolutionary new product that can be used for adhering standard PVC to a variety of substrates on both wall and field applications. A game changing addition to Carlisle’s Sure-Flex PVC product line, CAV-GRIP PVC offers the following benefits: Fast tack time – typically less than half of…

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Improve Thermal Performance of Exterior Walls & Low Sloped Roofs – October 2020

Many jurisdictions now require new buildings to meet ASHRAE 90.1 for thermal performance, with some even implementing their own, more stringent standards. These standards can be difficult to meet though, as effective R-values must be cited, not just nominal values. This push for improved performance can lead to larger, thicker and more costly exterior wall assemblies. Fortunately, high-performance cladding thermal…

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The role of a cover board in commercial roofing – September 2020

Cover boards, as a higher compressive strength substrate directly beneath single-ply membrane, have the unique ability to enhance the overall performance of low slope single-ply roof systems. They do this by enhancing wind uplift, hail resistance, foot traffic, thermal performance and puncture resistance. Cover boards often can be used to increase duration of warranties and/or higher peak gust wind speeds….

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Imperial Roofing Systems Installing Fleeceback EPDM

Imperial Roofing Systems from Omaha, Nebraska installing a Carlisle SynTec Systems Fleeceback EPDM Roofing System with 2″ Hail Warranty! Like to learn more? Contact your local Carlisle representative!

Western Specialty Contractors Receives Carlisle SynTec Systems Perfection Award

Congratulations to Western Specialty Contractors in Peoria, Illinois for receiving the Carlisle SynTec Systems Perfection Award!!! The Perfection Award honors contractors whose exceptional installation quality results in a warranty claim performance that ranks in the top 5% of all U.S. and Canadian applicators. Thank you, Western, Mike Boyle, Darrell Caho, Sr., Blake Postin, and Jared A. Osterman! We appreciate your…

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Bartch Roofing Co Inc. Receives Carlisle SynTec Systems FleeceBACK Champions Award

Congratulations to Bartch Roofing Co., Inc for their Carlisle SynTec Systems commitment to Fleeceback! Dennis Bartch received the FleeceBACK Champions award. This is a select group of contractors who are committed to installing Carlisle’s most durable and robust roofing systems – FleeceBACK® EPDM, TPO, and PVC, RapidLock, and AFX membranes. Congratulations and thank you for your business and friendship throughout…

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RSS-Tecta of America Receives Carlisle SynTec Systems Perfection Award

Congratulations to RSS-Tecta of America for receiving Carlisle SynTec Systems Perfection Award! Carlisle maintains detailed records of every Authorized Applicators’ warranty claims history. Each year, the Perfection Award will recognize those roofers whose exceptional installation quality results in a warranty claim performance that ranks in the top 5% of all US and Canadian applicators.

FM Global Recent Changes – July 2020

FM recently made changes to the ratings calculator within RoofNav and their Loss Prevention Data Sheets to reflect their partial adoption of ASCE 7-16. The main difference is that FM did not adopt the wind maps utilized by ASCE 7-16 and the 2018 International Building Code. This can cause wind design complications for FM-insured buildings. On February 26, 2020, FM…

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