Carlisle SynTec Systems Introduces SecurEdge™2000 Standard and HG Butyl Strip Fascia

Carlisle SynTec Systems is pleased to introduce SecurEdge 2000 Standard and High Gauge (HG) Butyl Strip Fascia. This innovative metal edge system includes a factory-applied butyl strip on the extruded aluminum anchor bar, eliminating the need for Water Cut-Off Mastic. Applicators can cut their installation time in half and eliminate the mess of Water Cut-Off Mastic with this industry-leading edge system.

The SecurEdge 2000 Standard and HG Butyl Strip Fascia come complete with the anchor bar, fascia cover, and fasteners. Butyl Strip Fascia may be included in Total System Warranties up to 120 MPH.

Carlisle s Butyl Strip Fascia meets ES-1 and is FM- and Miami-Dade-approved. For more information on available colors for these metal edge systems, please refer to Carlisle s consolidated color chart on the Carlisle website.

For more information, please contact your local rep.