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Specifier Monthly Newsletter, November 2015: The importance of holding preconstruction meetings in regards to building envelope

As Luna & Associates has become more involved with the promotion and sale of roofing, below-grade waterproofing, Air and Vapor Barriers and insulation for walls, it has become very evident that one of the best ways to ensure a better finished product is to demand a pre-con meeting take place between all parties that will be installing these products.

At these preconstruction meetings, we can uncover any material compatibility issues, go over detailing concerns, and most importantly talk about tie-in details. Discussion on not just the detailing that will be accomplished, but who will perform the tie-in details based upon how the project is being constructed. On way too many projects that we have been involved with, these items were not reviewed and discussed until installations began. This leads to some potential costly repair work that needs to take place to ensure more serious issues don’t develop long term. Proper tie-in details, compatibility of material and good adhesion are the keys to a long-term, successful construction project. There are times when simply trying to adhere two products together will not work, or even worse, one product can be harmful to the other. Communication with various manufacturers of all the materials involved, for assurances, is very important. We have had Carlisle and CCW prepare several letters and provide many job-specific details that have come about as a result of having these type meetings.

In addition to these items, code compliances can be reviewed and all parties can be assured of compliance to local codes and the requirements of the specifications and contract documents.

Holding a pre-con meeting that lasts an hour or two can also help save all parties countless hours when issues are found in an “after the fact” fashion so please include this in your next specification.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your local Luna & Associates sales representative.