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Luna and Associates, The New Reps for ISE Logik! – Monthly Mailer March 2019

ISE Logik manufactures its MVRA 900 (Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture) to mitigate moisture in concrete at the time of placement. MVRA 900 is a non-toxic, volatile organic compound (VOC) free, liquid admixture formulated to react with the hydroxide ions produced by the cement hydration process. In doing so, MVRA 900 creates additional hydration products within the capillary pores and blocks them, effectively shutting down moisture vapor movement through the concrete. Manufactured with deionized water to remove trace mineral ions and containing no chloride based materials, MVRA 900 will not promote nor contribute to corrosion of embedded or reinforcing steel.

Not only do ISE Logik offer a lifetime concrete moisture vapor emissions and adhesion warranty for the MVRA 900 product. ISE is pleased to announce the compatibility warranties issued by Taylor for all ISE products. Taylor is the leading floorcovering adhesive manufacturer and manufactures adhesive for a dozen or more major floorcovering manufactures. Taylor and ISE conducted extensive tests with all types of indoor adhesives within the industry at the Taylor technical center in Dalton, Georgia, and no bonding issues or compatibility issues were evident. ISE had already conducted these types of tests prior to marketing our product, and continues to conducted compatibility tests with adhesives as new adhesive products come to market, which is one of the reasons why we are confident in issuing an adhesion warranty for each project.

The Taylor compatibility warranty reinforces that and adds an additional layer that no other admixture company in our sector has.

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