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Carlisle Syntec Introduces Fleeceback Rapidlock Roofing System, May 2018 Monthly Mailer

At the recent IRE Trade Show, Carlisle won the award for best new commercial roofing system with the introduction of their Fleeceback Rapidlock membrane and Rapidlock Polyisocyanurate roof insulation products. The system uses a hook and loop Velcro technology to provide an adhered Fleeceback system that meets FM 1-90 uplift testing and can be warranted for 20 years with 90 mph wind coverage, as well as enhanced coverages for both hail and puncture.

With this patented system we have a roofing application with no VOC’s, no odors, and no temperature constraints for installation while still provided solid membrane performance option with either EPDM or TPO Fleeceback sheets.

A top layer of Rapidlock Polyiso can be either mechanically fastened or adhered to the substrate and then the Rapidlock Fleeceback 10’x50’ or 10’ x 100’ sheets are positioned over the Polyiso. A release liner is then removed and the sheet is then broomed and then rolled into the final securement with a 150 lb. roller.

As discussed this patented system is available exclusively from Carlisle Syntec and provides substantial labor savings, as well as the benefits outlined above.

To see samples of these products or discuss this revolutionary system in more detail, please contact your local Carlisle rep.

Specifier Monthly Newsletter, December 2015

Carlisle’s Spec Supplement G-01-11 “Construction Generated Moisture” reminds the specifiers and contractors of the requirement to seal the deck in Fully-adhered systems and Fleeceback systems to avoid moisture infiltrating your new roof system. This should be clearly specified as to what party will be responsible to perform this work. The material used to seal the deck should be compatible and tested in an adhered system by the manufacturer.


As always, if you have any questions or you would like to discuss a project where RoofSense may help determine your specification approach, please contact your local Luna & Associates sales representative to discuss in further detail.