Luna and Associates, Flash-Vent By York Flashings

The spring weather is revealing the havoc winter has done to walls. The harsh freeze-thaw cycles of the Midwest has once again shown how critical the ability to weep moisture is to the life span of a wall system. The cost of tuck pointing or repairing thru wall flashings costs over 10 times the cost of the original installation. Proper installation of high performing materials is key then.

Flash-Vent by York is designed to be a life of the wall material to offer a continuous weep system. A continuous weep allows water to exit anywhere along the length of the wall instead of every 16 to 24 inches of standard rope, tubes or cellular weep systems that are currently used. It consists of a 2 mil thick, type 304 stainless steel with a non-woven polymer fleece. The hydrophobic fleece expels water from the wall system without the need for mortar netting or a counter flashing necessary for other thru wall options. Flash-Vent offers higher performance and a lower installation cost by eliminating the need for other accessories, which is true value engineering.

Other Key Properties:

  • Life of the wall warranty.
  • Compatible with Air Barriers, Spray Polyurethane Foam, Cavity Wall Insulations, Construction Sealants.
  • Does not clog with mortar. Eliminates need for mortar netting in the cavity.
  • Eliminates unsightly bleed out of asphalt based flashings on to counter flashing.
  • Can be used with Cavity Walls of any width, Stucco, Manufactured Stone, and Thin Brick.
  • Puncture resistance of 2,500 psi, over 30 times higher than asphaltic thru wall options.
  • Passes ASTM E84, Class A, Fire resistance testing.
  • Offered in rolls of 12”,18”, 24”, 36” x 40’ long.<

If you have any questions about Flash-Vent and how it can be incorporated into your next wall system, please contact your Luna & Associates Representative.