January 2016, SecurShield HD Plus

Carlisle’s SecurShield HD Plus is a ½” 100 psi high density polyisocyanurate coverboard. The premium-performance coated glass facers in SecurShield HD Plus can meet a Factory Mutual Global (FMG) 1-90 using 8 fastener per 4 X 8 board. SecureShield HD Plus provides an additional R – value of 2.5 in the roofing system. At 13 lbs. per 4 X 8 board SecurShield HD Plus can reduce overall roof top weight and improve productivity of install. SecurShield HD Plus is compatible with all Carlisle single ply systems both Mechanically Fastened and Fully Adhered. Consider using Carlisle’s SecurShield HD Plus on your next new construction/ re-roof project that requires a FMG 1-90 rating.

As always, if you have any questions or you would like to discuss a project where RoofSense may help determine your specification approach, please contact your local Luna & Associates sales representative to discuss in further detail.