Protect Your Exposes Masonry and Concrete Surfaces with ISO-FLEX 618-100 Corrosion Reducing Sealer – November 2019

Water management is an important part of property maintenance. When concrete and/or masonry assemblies are experiencing water penetration, moisture management can be a cost effective solution by treating these substrates with a 100% solid silane sealer. Iso-Flex 618-100 Corrosion Reducing Sealers (CRS) is a clear, penetrating, breathable, 100% blended silane sealer. The design of this system ensures that the protection provided is not simply at the surface, but deep within the substrate, sometimes as much as 3/4″.


  • Reduces active corrosion in reinforced concrete structures.
  • The deep penetrating action of the Iso-Flex 618-100 CRS allows the protective layer to be deep within the pores of the concrete, safely protected from damaging abrasion caused by vehicular traffic, snowplows, or pedestrian traffic.
  • The silane, once it penetrates the substrate, chemically reacts within the pores of the surface, thereby providing long-lasting water-repellent protection to poured in place, precast, and prestressed concrete.
  • This Corrosion Reducing Sealer is specifically designed to be breathable.
  • Reduces the effect of water on alkali-silica reactivity.

If you have any questions about using ISO-Flex 618-100 CRS to protect your exposed masonry and concrete surfaces, please contact your Luna & Associates Representative.