Why FleeceBACK with Flexible FAST? – January 2019

Durability | Puncture Resistance | Long-Term Performance | Versatility

Particularly well-suited for critical facilities that require superior protection against severe weather, FleeceBACK is composed of Carlisle’s EPDM, TPO, PVC, or KEE HP membranes adhered to a strong 55-mil fleece. FleeceBACK systems adhered to the substrate with Flexible FAST Adhesive provide industry leading wind performance, long-term protection against hail and punctures, and a non-penetrating, VOC-free installation option for recover and new construction applications. The ability to recover virtually any existing roofing system sets FleeceBACK apart from traditional systems.

Please contact your local Luna and Associates representative if you have any questions about FleeceBACK or your upcoming project.