EPDM and Factory-Applied Tape

Carlisle’s Engineering and R&D teams have succeeded in developing the first true EPDM field sheet manufactured with Factory-Applied Tape (FAT). FAT is available on Sure-Seal, Sure-Tough, and Sure-White EPDM membranes. The result is a major step forward in EPDM splicing technology.

Carlisle’s EPDM Primer and SecurTAPE are applied to EPDM membranes in a factory-controlled setting, ensuring reliable and greater peel and shear strengths with no entrapped air bubbles. Consistent placement of the SecurTAPE also maximizes the splice area by controlling the placement within plus or minus 1/8″.

Factory-Applied Tape improves seaming productivity by nearly 75% and addresses the roofing industry’s biggest challenge — the shortage of labor. This means completing projects faster, improving the ability to get buildings “in the dry” in less time and minimizing business disruption. Less material to load onto the roof reduces the concern about material waste and disposal.

As always, please contact your local Carlisle rep if you have any questions or would like to discuss in further detail. We will provide more information as it becomes available to us.