Carlisle Syntec Systems adds PVC to the RapidLock Product Line – March 2020

FleeceBACK RL PVC offers the performance characteristics of FleeceBACK PVC while providing a no-temperature restriction, no VOC, no odor, adhesive-less attachment system.

RapidLock utilizes Velcro® Brand Securable Solutions to fully attach FleeceBACK membranes without adhesives. FleeceBACK RL PVC membrane is combined with InsulBase RL, SecurShield® RL, or SecurShield HD RL Polyiso insulations to create a revolutionary attachment method. RapidLock systems offer a variety of features and benefits including:

  • No temperature restrictions, facilitating cold weather installations
  • No VOCs or odor reduces risk when reroofing occupied spaces
  • Adhesive-free system saves time and labor
  • Factory Mutual 1-90 approval rating
  • Wind uplift ratings comparable to traditional fully adhered single-ply systems
  • Excellent resistance to hail and punctures
  • A variety of insulation and coverboard options are available

Carlisle offers the RapidLock (RL) membranes in all three major single ply membranes: EPDM, TPO, and now PVC.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about your project, please contact your Luna & Associates Representative.