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Carlisle Construction Materials High Performance, Rapid-Install Wall Assembly – December 2020

The below wall assembly is a long term and high-performance consists of:

  1. steel studs (as shown), CMU or concrete sub-wall
  2. CCW R2+ Plus Nail Base insulation (continuous out board of steel studs)
  3. CCW Barrithane VP vapor permeable STPE air barrier or CCW705VP vapor permeable sheet
  4. Drexel corrugated metal siding (as shown), flush panels, CCM composite panels etc. as provide by CCM

This solution relies on a single source for all the building envelope construction materials outside of the structural building requirements and fenestrations. This wall assembly is designed for fast track projects, meets new and evolving building code and provide a single installer and manufacturer to hold the warranty. For help specifying a Carlisle high performance wall assembly, please contact your local Luna & Associates Representative.

Carlisle's Rapid Install Wall Assembly