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Improve Thermal Performance of Exterior Walls & Low Sloped Roofs – October 2020

Many jurisdictions now require new buildings to meet ASHRAE 90.1 for thermal performance, with some even implementing their own, more stringent standards.

These standards can be difficult to meet though, as effective R-values must be cited, not just nominal values. This push for improved performance can lead to larger, thicker and more costly exterior wall assemblies.

Fortunately, high-performance cladding thermal spacers are available to help limit thermal bridging and increase effective R-values. Products such as the Cascadia Clip allow specifiers and architects to create thinner, lighter wall assemblies, while still meeting ASHRAE 90.1 requirements.

Suitable for steel stud, wood framed and concrete buildings, the Cascadia Clip carries a full IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service report. In addition, a fully engineered online calculator allows specifiers to easily determine effective R-value and allowable wind pressure for a chosen wall system, making specifying simple and straight-forward.

Easy to install and fully adjustable, the Cascadia Clip also comes with optional pre-punched galvalume hat-track and z-girt, offering installer excellent on-site flexibility.

To learn more about increasing the thermal performance of the building assemblies—and earn learning credits for IIBEC, AIA and GBCI—sign up for Cascadia Windows & Doors’ free webinar.